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Jessica is a lingerie enthusiast on the hunt for bras that fit DD+ cups, underwear that don't cause wedgies, and indie brands that deserve attention. 

Why Lingerie?

Why Lingerie?

Hi! My name is Jessica, and I’m a bra lady. To date, I own over 20 bras and my collection is constantly growing. By day I’m a writer, but this blog is my passion project. I used to hide my love of lingerie. (I thought it made me seem kinky.) Now, I’ll gladly flash my bra to any woman who asks and I carry a measuring tape in every bag. 

Like many women, my mom bought me my first bra. Then in college I went to the mall, got a mediocre measurement, and picked out something the sales clerk promised would make me look sexy—and I bought it. Not only did I buy the bra, but I bought the idea that lingerie could make me more appealing to the opposite sex. In a way, I felt my body alone wasn’t enough without the pretty wrapping of a lace teddy.

When I wasn’t dressing up for my boyfriend, bras were just a background garment—an afterthought.

Then, I opened a magazine and saw the Marlies Dekkers bra. It was black with straps over the bust, and I had to have it. I looked up my local New York City bra boutique and discovered a new passion. That bra made me feel confident and sexy—even though no one saw it but me.

My current boyfriend said it best when I took him on one of my frequent bra shopping trips. “This has nothing to do with me,” he said as I twirled in front of the mirror checking myself out. Bra shopping is all about me and my love of lace.

This blog is about me, too—and you, of course. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about bras. The primary learning: Women care very little about their undergarments. I’m guilty of it, too. For years I wore a ratty, stained bra with the underwire literally stabbing me in the armpit.

Our boobs deserve better.

The right bra can change your posture, up your confidence, and make your boobs look great. It’s my goal to make The Underline Life a resource for all women. But especially women with “big boobs.”

Many people don’t realize DD is the middle of the bra spectrum. The average woman in America is actually a 34DD, and bra sizes go all the way up to a M cup. But even though my size is average, I have trouble finding things I like in the US lingerie market. Most things are too sexy, too boring, or just too small. The good news: There are tons of international brands that cater to women like me.

I’ll be updating The Underline Life once a week with new content. Here, I’ll be sharing tips to finding the best fit, bra and panty reviews, and profiles of new indie brands. Hopefully it will all make bra shopping easier for the busy millennial woman, especially online shopping.

It’s an exciting time in the lingerie world. There are new brands popping up every day, and I’m going to test as many as I can. As a rule, the photos on this blog will show my lumps, bumps, and stripes proudly. No retouching besides removing stray tags and small adjustments to the lighting.

All photos by Benjamin Stone

All photos by Benjamin Stone

Got questions? Want to tell your bra story on The Underline Life? I’d love to hear from you. Comment on a post or email me. You can also follow along with my bra journey on Instagram at @theunderlinelife.

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