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Jessica is a lingerie enthusiast on the hunt for bras that fit DD+ cups, underwear that don't cause wedgies, and indie brands that deserve attention. 

Review: Beija London Caught Up Z Bra and Deep Brief

Review: Beija London Caught Up Z Bra and Deep Brief

When I first saw the Beija London brand, my first thought was, This is exactly my style. As a woman with a full bust, I'm used to finding bras that are functional but lacking in style. This line is everything a millennial like myself loves. I was immediately attracted to the mesh details and bold fabric colors. I mean, their logo is a vagina! (It's subtle, but I'm all for that nod to female power). 

I had a chance to meet the founders, Abbie Miranda and Mazie Gardner, at CurveExpo (a biannual conference in NYC for lingerie buyers and designers). What makes the brand unique is that each bra comes in three different patterns: X, Y, and Z.

  • X is a wireless style for small cups.
  • Y is for standard sizes, B through D cups.
  • Z is for full bust, covering DD through G cups.

The Z line is exactly what I need. I truly appreciate when a brand realizes that you can’t size up the same pattern for every breast size. Once you get to the DD cups, you need a different construction because breasts have more weight and need increased support. Wider bands, a three-part cup, and underwire are all things in the Beija London Z styles that make them more suitable for DD+ sizes.

After meeting the team at CurveExpo, I immediately went home and ordered the Caught Up Z Bra in a 32E and the Caught Up Deep Brief in size 2. Even though I usually follow an all-black-everything rule with my lingerie, I went for the baby blue. I mean, it's just so cute I couldn't resist! 

The details:

The bra has a three-part cup, and the straps are connected to the top of the cup. There’s a ballerina back and standard 3 x 3 hook-and-eye clasp. The material is actually super soft. There's just the right amount of stretch to cradle the breast without giving that quad-boob effect (where the stretch is too tight on the top of the cup causing double cleavage). 

The matching “pants” (as they call them in London) have an extra band of fabric at the top so they hit just below the belly button. They fall somewhere between high-waist and a typical brief cut.

Beija London Caught Up Back

My review:

Ya’ll this is my new favorite bra. I’m constantly recommending Beija London to my full bust friends now. The line has the perfect balance between support and modern style. You really can't lose. The cups mold to my breasts perfectly thanks to the three-part cup. The seams mask my nipples, so they’re not too obvious in a T-shirt. I've even worn this bra under a white top with no problems.

The midi-cut briefs work well for me, too, because they are high enough to keep me from flashing my crack but they aren’t high enough to be considered granny panties. (We all know how high-waist can sometimes feel old lady-ish). Overall, the wedgie factor is low. One mild annoyance: The little metal emblem on the front of the panty does flip throughout the day, causing an imprint on my skin. 

I’m excited to try another bra style from Beija London. At CurveExpo, I got a sneak peek at the things coming up in Spring 2018, and there’s a bright orange piece that I absolutely LOVE. I definitely think I’ll end up with a few more sets since the brand is in the bridge price range (I got the entire set for around $130 including shipping).

TL;DR: Beija London creates three different patterns to fit a range of cup sizes. The Z style has a three-part cup that helps it mold to DD+ breasts. The midi-cut briefs keep crack-flashing at bay, but don't feel like granny panties.
All photos by Benjamin Stone

All photos by Benjamin Stone

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