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Review: Savage x Fenty Unlined Lace Bra and High-Waist Microfiber Panty

Review: Savage x Fenty Unlined Lace Bra and High-Waist Microfiber Panty

When I got my Savage x Fenty lingerie, I was excited to see what all the hype was about. To be honest, I had low expectations. I was expecting to see a collection that was fashion forward (with a dash of sexiness). I wasn’t expecting much as far as fit. Then, a few days before the launch it came out that the line would be going up to a 3X. Hmmm…maybe it would be better fitting than I thought? 

Rihanna has a HUGE following, so I knew this line will be popular among women of all sizes (whether it fits perfectly or not). Last year, she launched her Fenty Beauty makeup line with 40 foundation shades, and it was a wake-up call to the beauty industry. If Savage x Fenty was meant to make this same industry-changing statement, it fell a little short. Yes, there are options for plus-size women, which is amazing. However, women who are blessed in the bust department will find the bra selection limiting. Some of the bras do go up to a 44 band, but DD is the largest cup size—and cup sizes go all the way up to M

The collection has a few different segments. There’s the basic, everyday must-haves like T-shirt bras and seamless panties. The lacy, colorful items like a pastel pink teddy. The retro pieces in bright colors (think, corsets and silk undershirts). And finally the black widow collection which has crotchless panties, open cup bras, and catsuits. At the time of my writing, the majority of the Savage x Fenty line is sold out online. 

At the pop-up shop I visited, people bum-rushed the sheer fur robes and the black cut-out bras. I went for the nudes. It’s so rare to find a bra in my shade of mocha, so I jumped at the opportunity. I immediately grabbed the High-Waist Microfiber Brief in Brown Sugar, size Medium ($17). Then, I found a matching bra with an underwire (there were also bralettes but my last bralette experiment didn't work out). I also went for my favorite bra style: an unlined bra with underwire in a 34DD also in Brown Sugar ($44).  

The details:

The unlined bra with underwire has a layer of fishnet-and-floral lace backed with mesh. The cup has a dart from the center of the underwire up to the center of the cup. The top edge of the cups have a piece of elastic sewn in (I’m assuming to help avoid spillage). There’s a classic 2 x 3 hook and eye with rose gold accents. The underwear have a seamless edge, and the high-waist cut reaches to just above my belly button. 

My review:

The first thing I noticed when I put on this bra was that the band was pretty loose. I wore it on the tightest hook instead of the loosest. (A 32 band would probably be a better fit.) Once I got the bra on and adjusted everything, I found that it gave my breasts a good lift but there was some puckering at the nipple, right where the dart is. It was also clear that the DD cup was too small. My left boob, which is a little larger than my right, wanted to pop out. (Although I wore it all day and no escape occurred.) 


After one wash, this all became worse. The site recommends that you hand wash cold—like most bra companies. I have about 30 bras to wash, so I never hand wash. Instead, I put it into the lingerie bag with all my other bras and washed on the delicate cycle then hung dry. The second time I attempted to wear the bra, the cups and band seemed smaller and the puckering was more prominent around the the cup. I don’t feel like I can wear this bra again. Yes, I didn’t follow the washing instructions. So I put myself at risk, but I also put ALL my other bras through the same washing process. I’ve never had this type of shrinkage. 

Overall, I think I got the wrong size. I definitely needed more like a 32F (smaller band, larger cup). Unfortunately when I went on Savage x Fenty to buy it (I wanted to give Rihanna a chance!), the sizing only goes up to a DD. Anyone shopping for the line can assume that the cups run small.


The underwear were a much better match. The high-rise cut is actually high rise (usually I like to get high-cut panties because they fit me more like bikini with my big booty). The microfiber material was super soft and comfortable. These are my go-to pair for under my work slacks and workout leggings. There is no smoothing effect, but you don’t want to be held in by shapewear every day. They’re comfortable with no panty lines and and only minimal wedgie factor. I also want to say that, just like Rihanna’s makeup line, this lingerie collection was shade inclusive. These underwear and top come in six shades of “nude.” Brown Sugar is right in the middle with three lighter shades and two darker shades. 

TL;DR: The DD runs small in this particular bra style, but that is the largest cup size available. The high-waist underwear are soft and comfortable—perfect for every day wear. The line is shade inclusive, but needs more in the full bust department.
All photos by Benjamin Stone

All photos by Benjamin Stone

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