Some women buy bags, some women love shoes, but I am a bra lady. I feel more comfortable in my underwear than I do in designer clothes. That's because I've always felt like an outsider in the fashion world. I have thick thighs, wide hips, a stomach pooch, and big breasts—all of which make shopping for clothes a nightmare.

But when I walk into my favorite lingerie store all those shopping anxieties fade away. I'm enamored with the lace and mesh details. Looking in the mirror at myself half naked, I never see my stretch marks or cellulite. I just think: Damn, I feel good in this. 

“I feel more comfortable in my underwear than I do in designer clothes.”

I'm embracing that love of lingerie fully here on The Underline Life. I'll share useful advice I've learned while shopping for my 32E/34DD bust. I'll write honest reviews of indie brands and new launches. And maybe I'll even find a pair of underwear that don't leave me with a wedgie (fingers crossed). 

I hope by reading this blog you’ll feel empowered to find your bra size and head out to your favorite lingerie boutique. Or, at the very least, you’ll turn on some music and twirl around in your bra and briefs.



Disclosure: All the lingerie on this blog has been paid for by me (unless otherwise noted), and all thoughts are my own.